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Few questions regarding integration with WHM and eNom...


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Let me start by saying the product is amazing, now I'm beginning to wondering just how "powerful" it is in terms of integration and have a few questions that popped into my mind first:


1.) eNom - What all can WHMCS "automate" in terms of products? Is it purely domains or can it automate SSL, ID Protect, SiteLock, GeoTrust Anti-Malware, TRUSTe, etc or does that all have to be done manually? I'm going to guess it can only do domain specific functions and the others would have to manually be done considering I couldn't really find anything in regards to setting those specifics things up in WHMCS?


2.) What happens if my balance in eNom is $20, and someone orders something (via WHMCS) that costs more than $20? Does the order get processed and money withdrawn from a customers CC but I get notified the order "failed" due to NSF in eNom or something?


3.) Can WHMCS delete actual accounts in WHM? I closed and deleted a client in WHMCS but after the initial automatic creation of the account it didn't touch the account.


4.) Let's say a customer signs up for a domain name, obviously WHMCS will charge the customer the pricing I have set, but what happens if the customer cancels before renewal? Does WHMCS automatically renew domains or do they manually need to be renewed always?


5.) How "advanced" can products/coupon codes get? For example, let's say I wanted to give away a 10 free IP addresses ONLY if a customer signs up for say 3 years, but I don't want to give them 3 free years of IPs, I only want it to be free for the 1st year then they get billed for them after the first year. I suppose this question is worded poorly to get my point across but basically if you have 2 items in a cart and the costs associated with those two items is:



Item 1 (Package A) $50/3 years.

Item 2 Free for 1 year (if you signed up for Package A @ 3 years) but normally the cost is $5/mo.


6.) This ties into #5 somehow with just how "advanced" the order system is... without simply using a promo code to discount the domain price is there a way to have a free domain but in order for the domain to be FREE you have to have at least 1 hosting plan at a 1 year term otherwise the price will be $9.99?


That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I do appreciate your time.

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