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We are using WHMCS for some outside-the-box methodology and looking for someone more familiar to help in this department specifically. Likely we could do this ourselves but we're limited for time and would also have to research this further. We just don't have the time available to us right now. So we're hoping to find someone who can offer their hands-on assistance here.


Our inquiries include:


1. We don't use "Products" per-say. We use "Quotes". We're a development company for hire.


By default, WHMCS allows you to link referrals to the "home site" or the "product" page specifically. In our case, we want the ability to allow our affiliates to link to specific contact forms, this way their referrals can contact us for their development needs.


For example, we offer "Customizations / Developments" for various companies and designers that offer premium products and when their buyers require further assistance, they're referred to us. So we'd like the ability to have them use their affiliate link to link directly to the contact form. We've contacted WHMCS support regarding this and were referred here.


2. Offer "unique" and "personalized" affiliate links.


We'd like the ability to use either a "username" or "first name" that would replace the "ID" used as a default.


For example, we work on Theme Forest, our referral link is: /http://themeforest.net?ref=OurWebMedia


3. Affiliates currently receive a "percentage of all invoices" and we require having a setup for the "first invoice" only and with that payment received the referring account would receive said percentage. We are aware that through "Products" we can do this, setup one time earnings from payments received but we again are not making use of the products so we're limited.


We are interested in exploring these possibilities as soon as possible. If you're interested please let us know. We'd be most interested in someone available to do this sooner rather than later. Thanks for your time and consideration on these items.


Kind regards,


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