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Can't Login: WHMCS keeps prompting to "Install," but installation is already complete


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I've followed the directions for installing WHMCS to the T. I also did the advised security measures of moving folders and changing the admin folder name. But, I still cannot actually login.


WHMCS keeps prompting me to install, but the installation is already complete, and the install folder was deleted. I don't understand what the issue is?


Here's the URL: /https://www.spasticghost.com/order/secretiveadministration/


Does anyone know why this is an issue? Should I have waited to change the admin folder name until I had already logged in once? Is it something related to my SSL?


I'm positive WHMCS is installed without any issue...

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Were you able to login before doing the extra security precautions?


Also, did you set your configuration.php to reflect any of the security steps? Make sure there is no spaces in your configuration file, as in no blanks lines.


I had some trouble similar to this when I installed the beta a few months back. I went through the install process again and everything finally worked okay, I'm not sure what changed or why but it worked.

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H MemoryX2,


Thanks for the advise. I was indeed able to log in before making the security changes.


Thanks for the tip with not leaving spaces. I did double check my confuguration.php and unfortunately the situation has not changed.


When you say you went through the install all over again do you mean from the very beginning (i.e. Delete verything and start fresh) I have already deleted my install directory as recomended which may be why the problem is occurring. I read somwhere that you need to reissue the licence after renaming 'admin' .


I will let you know what I find.

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I just found mention of system URLs needing to be updated in a different thread. I am guessing you need to update system urls while logged in to the system first then once that is done go medling via FTP and make changes to directory and foldername. Might be a false lead but I will try.

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