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[UNCONFIRMED] error on i-Device on I will use my existing domain...

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I'm using WHMCS 5.1.3

I've used the comparison order template, and I've got the fix from whmcs regarding this problem,


but when I order the hosting and select "I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers" options on my i-Device ( ipod touch & ipad 2, both using ios5 ), it still says the wrong tld notification.


as I'm a programmer myself, I've checked the "configureproductdomain.tpl" and it seems that the problem doesn't come from the tpl file, I've checked the jQuery.post values, it gives the correct value.


this line :

jQuery.post("cart.php", { a: "domainoptions", sld: sld, tld: tld, checktype: domainoption, ajax: 1 },







I've checked the sld, tld, and domainoption are set correctly , ( in my example, it's


jQuery.post("cart.php", { a: "domainoptions", sld: "testsite", tld: "com", checktype: "owndomain", ajax: 1 },








but still the data returned is still "the domain you entered is not valid. Enter only the part after the www. and include the TLD" ( with all the divs formatting ) when it's being called from the iDevice. So it proves that the jQuery.post function is running correctly, it just the data returned from cart.php says it was not valid. and since cart.php is encrypted, I can't analyze it further.


anyone can confirm this with their i-Device or give some enlightment to the bug?

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