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Recently migrated to WHMCS - Help with DomainSync.php


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I have recently implemented WHMCS, it been on the cards for over a year but finally we're live. So first I have to say that this is an AMAZING piece of software. So any questions I ask are 'tweaks' that help me move towards perfection, which was impossible before WHMCS.


This question is regarding DomainSync.php.


1) I have imported approx 200,000 domains into WHMCS from my self built proprietary system. The expiry dates are correct.

2) DomainSync selects a 'random' (?) 50 domains to check on every cycle. As there are 200,000 domain records it really is not getting around to checking the domains that it should.

3) In tblDomains, the field 'synced', when this is set to '1' does this mean DomainSync.php will not check this domain again for syncing?


To solve my problem, should i reset ALL domain records to 'synced=1' so that in future, DomainSync will concentrate on new domains/renewals only? I think this is the case, however, i'd like an experts opinion!


Thank you in advance.

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Just to be sure, I logged a ticket with support. Despite the upgrade issues which are keeping the team very busy I received a swift response advising that if I was sure my imported expiry dates were correct then it would be safe to set synced = 1 for all imported domains. This would enable me to run domain sync effectively as it was confirmed that it only checks up to 50 domains per execution and this wold be spent on new registrations and transfers. Problem solved!

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Well, I thought it was solved!


I set synced=1 for all but the last 1000 registered domain names. I added domainsync to a 4 hourly cron and this confirmed that every 4 hours the number of domains with synced=0 reduced by fifty.


So here is the strange part. This morning finally domainsync ran and eliminated the last fifty domains names so now all domains are synced, right? Well I queried tbldomains to confirm remaining unsynced domains and the entire set was returned! All domains are now unsynced again. Clearly I don't understand how domain sync works.


Is this normal behaviour? I thought once all domains were synced, only newly registered/renewed domains would have synced set to 0 thus allowing domainsync to concentrate on domains that may require attention.


Is this normal behaviour for domainsync? I'm running 5.1.3 which has proven 100% reliable so far.

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