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Version: 5.2.2 - ENOM Issue - Client Cannot Update WHOIS Info


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I upgraded to whmcs 5.2.2 now, and I have the same problem with the enom module. When client change any whois contact info on a domain in client area, then all the contact info including owner is changed to my own contact info. So the client loose his domain, and I am the owner instead! This only happen in the client area, it does not happen when changing contact info in admin control panel.

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Just an FYI of where I am at with this issue currently:

I opened tech support ticket with WHMCS.

They had me enabled MODULE LOGGING as shown here:



And then provide them with the RESULTS in the ticket.


As of now - I am waiting on their response.


You may want to do the same (although WHMCS support is notoriously slow).

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Yes ditto - if they fix it for me or provide me with solution - I will post here.

BUT, I strongly suggest that you:

1. Enable Module Logging.

2. Test the UPDATE WHOIS.

3. Disable Module Logging.

4. UPDATE your ticket with the RESULTS from the Module Loggin.


I only suggest this - because it may take 2-3 days for WHMCS to reply to your ticket, and if all they ask you do to do is the above suggestion - you are still another 2-3 days out from getting the final solution :)


FOR REFERENCE - here is the EXACT QUOTE from my ticket with WHMCS:


"In WHMCS v5 please follow these instructions to obtain the commands being sent/received by WHMCS and report them back to us for review: http://docs.whmcs.com/Troubleshooting_Module_Problems"


Anyway - I hope all gets fixed quickly with both of us :)

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Thank you for the suggestion. By the way, does the crons/domainsync.php work for your Enom domains? It does not for me, maybe it is related to this problem? I placed crons/domainsync.php outside of private_html folder and added the path in crons/config.php like this: $whmcspath = '/home/USER/domains/DOMAINNAME.COM/private_html/'; - I have then added the cron job in my server, and when it runs, it only say this in Activity Log in WHMCS: "20/03/2013 02:24 Domain Sync Cron: Starting System" but it never update the expiry date in my Enoms domains, so it does not work.


I waited upgrading until 5.2.2 was released to avoid problems. But it was not long enough I understand now. There is so many things that do not work after I upgrade to 5.2.2, heres is the list so far:


- Affiliate signup does not work but redirect to log in page.


- Clicking "Add Payment" button on invoice if you are using the DirectAdmin module, give error. I received a patched DirectAdmin module file from support that fix this.


- When cron job run, the DirectAdmin usage stats under "Products/Services" is always 0, like this: "Disk Usage: 0 MB, Disk Limit: Unlimited MB, BW Usage: 0 MB, BW Limit: Unlimited MB, (Last Updated: 20/03/2013 09:05)"


- If you have activated the widget "Support Tickets Overview", and then when you receive a new support ticket from a client, then the front page in WHMCS control panel does not load (only partally) (using the Blend template).


- And of course the problem you describe in this thread, when using Enom module and client try to update whois contact info, all the contacts is changed to be your own contacts.


I really feel bad about WHMCS this days, I wish I could trust them, but I am afraid I will never be able to trust WHMCS again. I just hope that there will be released a new version 5.2.3 soon wich fixes the rest, and also fixes the problems DirectAdmin users is facing. I just wish WHMCS would actually TEST before releasing, because they clearly don't test properly.

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whew - thats a LOT :)


First, I dont actually use the domain sync... because too many of my existing domains were out of sync when I started using WHMCS... so, I doubt it has anything to do with that.


As for all the other issues, I am going to have to double check all of them... as far as I know - I don't think I am having any of those specific issues...


As for WHMCS - they are probably just overwhelmed... although, I am totally shocked that they allowed this to happen in first place...

They definitely need to come up with a better support funnel and figure out how to stop this from happening again in the future.


I will keep you updated about the ENOM issue :)

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I just started having similar issues with 5.2.2 , I am able to update whois, and unlock domains at Enom and Resellerclub


I am unable to lock domains at Enom, or Resellerclub.


Enom returns an error "Failed to set Registrar-Lock - domain is already unlocked; code"


Resellerclub returns a success message , but domain remains unlocked



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I have received a reply. They confirm the problem and have opened case #1919, here is the reply from whmcs support:


«I've been able to replicate this issue on my end as well, and do find this to be an issue within the software. I've opened case #1919 with our developers in order to have this resolved for future releases. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an estimated time for completion for this. However, once we resolve cases and push features they are available at our change log, here:




I apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this.


If you notice any bugs in future, please use our new bug reporting tool at http://bugs.whmcs.com


This issue only occurs when manually entering the contact data in the client area. If using a pre-defined contact, this issue does not occur. The details are also not being set to the your details by WHMCS. The issue occurring here is that the details are sent blank, and rather than generating an error for missing information, eNom is updating the contact details to your information.»

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