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I need to export a full account history for one of our corporate clients. that would list invoices and payments in a typical ledger format. whmcs does not do this very well, maybe because they send large checks and those are then posted to multiple invoices. to date I have used a database dump but it's not very nice or complete. anyone have a suggestion?


thank you

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The only thing i can suggest is that you write up a script in your favoured language to export the data to a CSV file.


Start by working out the data your accounting system wants and the order it should be in.

Then match up this information with the data in the whmcs database.


From here you can decide on the best way to get the data, account by account or as a list of accounts. which ever way you go, the brief outline is this:



  • Gather accounting information
  • Gather database information
  • Put script together
  • Choose the account(s),
  • Pull the data and order to requirements
  • Write it out to CSV file.
  • Import into accounting software.



your accounting documentation would be a good place to start


Good Luck :idea:

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exactly that...it is a billing system and subscribers, especially large corporations, sometimes have a need to review their billing history. after reviewing the whmcs database to try and come up with something, I realize it is a huge mess when it comes to billing. I don't think an account history will even be possible! wow not good

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I disagree. It's down to the client to keep accurate accounting records, not you or WHMCS. This is why I export all invoices and payments to Xero which is built for the job...


The client can login to their account and review their paid invoices and you can generate a Client Account Register Balance report under the reports section and export that as a csv. Anything more than that is their responsibility...

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