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[FIXED] Email Sending Failed - Invalid address

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Just upgraded to v5.2.1 and am getting the above message when trying to send e-mail. No e-mails are going out from WHMCS (new orders, password reset, support ...). This was fine before the upgrade.


It does it with PHP Mailer or SMTP selected. The error is not coming from the mail server (as there is no packets being sent to the mail server at all), so it must be from WHMCS.


The error message looks like this (obvisouly depending on the customer e-mail address) -


Email Sending Failed - Invalid address: example@example.com


Anyone else seen this? Can see posts about invalid mailserver config, but that's not what this is.



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Same problem here.


Email Sending Failed - Invalid address: ********@gmail.com (User ID: ******** - Subject: Your Feedback is Requested for Ticket #XYS-********)


Email Sending Failed - Invalid address: ********@********.com (User ID: ******** - Subject: [Ticket ID: IYJ-********] Re: test)


The system sends NO emails. This is an entirely broken install -- if you can't send emails to communicate with your customers, if you can't chat with livehelp, this system is entirely broken and should have NEVER been pushed as "STABLE" as it is anything but.


I'm not sure if it is related but I first started to get Smarty email.tpl errors. After contacting support and waiting for 3 hours, I figured out on my own that you cannot any longer have CSS in your email settings under "Setup" and "Mail". After completely stripping down a beautiful email template, it came to this. During this time, agents were corresponding in the ticket very rapidly, but as soon as I said I fixed it on my own but now I have the invalid address error, like the ticket with livehelp, it was like watching cockroaches run when the lights come on.


Ticket ID: #FDN-718787 (for the email error, no reply since 13/03/2013 09:49)

Ticket ID: #AFF-398327 (for chat error, no reply - opened 13/03/2013 02:32)

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I had to roll back to 514 so can't test any more. These are the things support suggest to check -


1. Client's Profile tab.

2. Client's Contacts tab.

3. Setup > General Settings > Mail tab

3. Setup > Administrators

4. Setup > Email Templates > Edit


but I'm pretty sure they were all OK, as it was working before the upgrade.


Out of interest what do you have for general/settings/localisation/charset? In the change log for 521 there were some changes for e-mail address encoding. (case 1768 - http://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V5.2#Version_5.2.1)


Just guessing now though as I'm going to hold on 5.1 while things settle down!

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Hi Guys,


Well so this is an odd one. I've just dealt with a ticket from one of you and having looked into it, it seems there is some kind of incompatibility or bug in the latest 3rd party PHPMailer email class release (http://phpmailer.worxware.com/) with certain specific environments/setups. The issue appears to be that the preg_match string they use to validate an email address is failing. However that same string is working fine on all our dev boxes and many WHMCS users so I'm currently looking into a solution that doesn't involve simply reverting it. I'll update this thread again shortly.



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Thanks for the update Matt.


If it helps ...


cat /etc/redhat-release

CentOS release 5.9 (Final)

[~]$ rpm -q -a | grep php










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Looks like they've pushed out a patch update to address this. Upload the files from the attached zip file to the /includes/classes/ folder and it should take care of this for you if you are experiencing the error. If you aren't getting the error, no need to update.


Any further problems, please let us know




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  • 1 month later...

I'm still having this issue.


I have also made a ticket on this matter.


I have applied the patch but it still says Invalid address.

The support system works fine.


I can also send a mail to the customer with the "send message" function.

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