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whmcs gateway modules

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Dear users

at current moment i got a few modules for whmcs


the modules are








also i am working at the following gateway modules that will be released soon





lets explain what the modules do and what options there are related to the modules





*walletbit is a bitcoin payment gateway (http://bitcoin.com for more info about bitcoin )

*choose betwean 2 differend checkout forms

*add a personal fee to the invoice

*send gateway log after payment to the admins for debug/confirmation

*works even with payments not from walletbit

*marks invoices as paid after succesfull payment

*show subscribe option if it is a recurring payment (including fee )




*Fortumo is a sms payment service that works with a Credit system

*add personal fee (split)

*user can pay mulitple times to the same invoice , as it is a credit system

*works only with small amounts like 1€ and 2€ ( micropayments )

*sends gateway log on succesfull payment

*adds the credits to the invoice and only mark it as paid after total payment match the invoice





*Onebip is a sms payment but also a system like paypal

*can be used for small or big payments ( no limit )

*sends gateway log on succesfull payment

*add personal fee


Please note

Onebip is not supported anymore , the script works like it need to be but onebip is refusing all support

most bugs that happends are related to onebip itself and not to this module , so in case of problems contact onebip first before contacting us and claiming that it is the module





*Sofort is a bank payment gateway

*Sofort works with 6 country's at current moment (mostly euro zone )

*mark invoice as paid after succesfull transaction

*Link to a dynamic project so the price is always accurate

*sends gateway log on succesfull payment





*paygol is a sms payment like fortumo

*paygol works with a bigger sms amount , up to 10 sms at a order

*sends gateway log after succesfull payment


Please note

Paygol is NOT supported anymore

The script contains bugs that are NOT possible to solve

after changing the script , paygol change again there callback system

even there callback system seems to mess up a lot of things and then the callback get messed up

They implented some new systems that are causing those mess up , example is a prepaid code

the customer need to pay 10€ , he use a prepaid code of a value of 10€ and callback get sended that the user paid 2€ ... because code was 5X 2€


This module is also not Avaible anymore until the problems are solved with paygol and fully tested





*DaoPay is a premium SMS service

*Daopay accept phone calls and sms payments

*Module is under construction so the following is what is planned to be added


*add personal fee

*Send gateway log on succesfull payment


more will be added depending on the system daopay use




*smscoin is a russian sms premium service

*smscoin use differend functions , the gateway module is only usable at the credit system of smscoin

*Module is under construction so the following is what is planned to be added


*add personal fee

*Send gateway log on succesfull payment


more will be added depending on the system smscoin use



Serial System


We created a easy module to manage all your serials that we use for our modules

You just upload the file to the admin arena

activate the module , press install on the module page and apply your serial

as soon that is done the modules will work

if you do not like to use it anymore then you can press the uninstall button to complete remove the module






All modules will cost 3€ per month ( cheaper on longer terms )

You can buy a bundle for 5€ per month


The bundle contains all modules that are released + some modules that are pending to be released as stand alone (like daopay as soon it is ready )


The first 10 users who use the coupon code "WHMCS" will get the bundle at 50% discount


for updates we got 3 priority's

critical -> mass mail will be sended out to every one (core function bug )

mayor -> mass mail to module owners ( module function bug )

Minor -> module get updated but no emails get sended out, personal fix will be provided ( typo's or small bugs that does not prevent the script from working or new added stuff )


Should you find any bugs , let us know so we can solve it as fast as possible


Thank you

Greetings From PowerChaos

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sorry for late reply


bitpay is a paymenty proccessing for bitcoins


it is like paypal take care of the transactions you do with real money


like paypal are there many payment processors that take care of bitcoin

when bitcoin is just a currency like dollar or euro


hopely this explained the difference ?


Greetings From PowerChaos

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