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Different credit card type for different gateway

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I am trying to achieve the following: a way to specify different credit card types available to different merchant gateways?


We have 2 merchant gateways on our system, one which we use to process only Visa & Mastercard, and another that is for Amex only. However, when a client is checking out, the order form shows all three card types (as set in the "General Settings --> Invoices --> Available Credit Card Types").


On the order form, I would like for it to be possible to only show Visa & Mastercard in the drop down menu of the one gateway, whilst only showing Amex for the other?


Is there any kind of "if" statement I could use to say "if gateway x", only show dropdown options for Visa, and Mastercard, and "if gateway y" then only show Amex?


Or any other suggestions?

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You can achieve this by modifying the viewcart.tpl template file in /templates/orderforms/{yourtemplate}/viewcart.tpl


Use some smarty logic and JavaScript to display what options you want.


Place a jQuery listener on the change event for your gateway radio options or dropdown. When a specific gateway is selected populate the credit card form Card Type dropdown with the options you want for that specifc gateway.


Then just rename your gateways to something like "Visa / MasterCard" and "Amex / Discover".


If you need more help just ask. This should get you going though.

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