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Display price seperate to item name?


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Hi all,


I am setting up a website, and currently working on the theme. I am adding some configurable options, one of which is additional web space. I am doing this as radio buttons, and would like it displayed in a table, with 4 columns. The table will be in a div 800px wide floated to the right, and the name of the configurable option, eg, additional web space, will be in a div, floated to the left, 150px wide:


[table=width: 500, class: grid]




[td]Monthly Cost[/td]

[td]Setup Cost[/td]










[td]configurable option[/td]

[td]Product Cost /mo[/td]

[td]Setup Cost[/td]




I will add css later though. Now, I need to know the code required, as each bit will be in a separate cell. The code in the template i'm using is {$options.name} but that displays both name and price, but i want these in a seperate cell. As you can see in the table, the top row is an example of what it will look like, and the bottom row is what i need in each cell, but i don't know how to do it. Basically, if it's making no sense, something like this - a seperate hook/call thing for each element of that configurable option.







If it's not clear, let me know please! I need each part of the configurable option:


Radio Button


OptionPrice Monthly

Option setup


Each in their own <td> within a table - so i need the bit of code for each of the above parts of the configurable options, that will work in the right way, so the client get's billed correctly.


Thanks in Advance!


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