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Email Template import / export


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Hi, first post so here goes,


I have developing an addon module for whmcs and have come across a problem. Part of the addons functionality involves sending an email or two out to clients. The problem I am having is using the _activate function to run an sql query to put pre-defined email templates into the DB.


So far I have the following for the query:


$sqlEmail1 = "INSERT INTO `tblemailtemplates` (`type`, `name`, `subject`, `message`, `attachments`, `fromname`, `fromemail`, `disabled`, `custom`, `language`, `copyto`, `plaintext`) 
VALUES ('general', 'IPGeek - Custom Email 1', 'Password Reset', 'Some text that contains {$company_name} among other things', '', '', '', '', '1', '', '', 0)"


Now the problem with this is using " to contain the SQL query with {$company_name} in it makes php try to insert the previously defined variable {$company_name} when actually running the SQL query.


I could change to 'INSERT.... but this then means using ' to contain field values ('Password Reset') would not be a possibility.


Anyone got any ideas?

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Tried using the insert_query() function to no avail:


$table = "tblemailtemplates";
$values = array("type"=>"general","name"=>"IPGeek - First Email","subject"=>"Password Reset","message"=>'{$company_name} among other things.</p>',"custom"=>"1","plaintext"=>0);
$newid = insert_query($table,$values);

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Managed to do this with the help of some guys over at StackOverflow:


$email_templates = "INSERT INTO `tblemailtemplates` (`type`, `name`, `subject`, `message`, `attachments`, `fromname`, `fromemail`, `disabled`, `custom`, `language`, `copyto`, `plaintext`)
VALUES ('general', 'IPGeek Security - PWRESET - First Email', 'Password Reset', '<p>Dear {\$client_name}</p><p>A request has been received by {\$company_name} for your account password to be reset. If you did not initiate this request then please get in contact with our support department.</p>', '', '', '', '', '1', '', '', 0)";
$result = mysql_query($email_templates);


So the $ was escaped and we are able to use " to enclose the SQL query.

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