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Writing a MySQL Database Deployment Module


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I am working on a Server Provisioning module for our WHMCS system (and to distribute on the WHMCS forums) that will allow for us to easily deploy a MySQL Database install to a variety of locations. Currently our customers must request their Free MySQL Database, then our techs must manually set it up using a small web script we have written.


So far everything is looking great, but I have ran into one small issue. I have setup each one of our locations that we offer MySQL Databases as a separate Server in WHMCS. This has the root username/password for the MySQL Database and the IP of it, all of which are needed to create the database.


However, I would like to make the location a configurable option where the user can choose where to install it. I don't know how to tie the location in a Config Option with the corresponding Server entry in WHMCS though.


What would be the best way to do this?

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server groups for your locations, configurable options for selecting the locations, sadly there is currently no way around you needing to hook the data you need out of the form, hopefully this is a coming feature as more and more of us deploy a business model that covers many geographical locations as well as multiple clusters.


I think this is one of those features that if realised will really open up the flood gates to what we can do with whmcs.



I for one use this business model, the only way i have for this is to manually accept the orders for products that have multiple locations, i have ofcourse been thinking about database clusters, as well private mail servers, physical geo-located name servers and such, but without a costly development process this isnt going to be plausible in the near future for my business. Although, i think if there is a good call for it, then the cost can be offset quite quickly, so who knows.

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