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Anyone using Authorize net (hosted) CIM - impressions ?


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We're looking at authorize net hosted CIM to reduce the security risk of storing credit card data in WHMCS.


Has anyone else implemented this? If so, did the import process work on 5.x? We have thousands of stored cards so a smooth transition is key.


Were there any gotchas - things that didn't transfer, etc? My assumptions are that everything keeps working as is (ordering, charging, updating card details), but no card data is stored in WHMCS -- instead it's transferred to the hosted cim and any transaction requiring payment uses the unique id for the charge.


Basically looking for feedback from that has done this or is using the setup, or has tried and failed.



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No one? :-)



transition is simple, inform your clients well in advance that you are moving to offsite credit card processing, once the time has come to do it, i assume you will have authorize.net enables and tested and clients will be using it optionally anyway, from here you just disable the creditcard module you use right now, when you do this your asked which module to change clients to that use the one to be disables, choose authorize.net, thats it, clients transfered and module eliminated, after this you can flush the credit card details from your database. just make sure your clients are aware that this is what you will be doing.

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Hi @disgruntled, thanks for the insight-


What about the authorize.net cim import script for card details - seems it will migrate them over to authorize.net cim and flush the details, so we don't need to tell clients to update anything, but instead and happily inform them their info is secure offsite?


As far as orderings, updating card details etc. is it all still whmcs hosted and just passed through to authorize.net's hosted system? (This is what I understand, but a practical confirmation would be great.)

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Hi, I just posted a question that has to do with this. But just to be clear, are you able to continue to use WHMCS with Authorize.net CIM having this system storing all customer and payment info directly on the Authorize.net server? The only FAQ I can find here about this seems to indicate that all CC data can only be stored in one's own MySQL database, which may of course incur PCI compliance snags at the least.


Thanks much.

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Not sure if this applies here, but I had a problem where transaction were not working with the Authorize.net CIM gateway. The post with an answer that worked for me is at http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?45399-Authorize-net-CIM-testing-CC-keeps-declining-how-do-you-test/page2&highlight=authorize.net+cim.


Contrary to what you might think, you should not tick the setting to "Disable Credit Card Storage" in Setup > General Settings > Security as that will disable entry by a client.


It must be enabled to show the credit card payment form and allow clients to update their card details, but the fact you are using the Authorize.net CIM module will prevent the details being stored locally in WHMCS and instead store them only on the remote system.


After disabling the checkbox, it worked perfectly. Hope this helps someone else.

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