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Custom Branded - Reseller Setup - WHMCS and WebsitePanel

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Hi Everyone,


We currently have an environment setup with WHMCS as the front-end with WebsitePanel (WSP) as the backend to do the provisioning of Shared Hosting, VPS and Hosted Exchange. That part of the service all works fine but I'm trying to understand the reseller setup now.


We have several options for resellers - most of them are achievable through the setup easily enough using Client Groups for discount levels. The one that has me stuck is where a reseller wants to appear like they are their own hosting provider but using all of our resources and simply skin the user interfaces to appear as them.


I understand the following:

  • I can signup for the WHMCS license program and resell that
  • I can deploy a separate instance of WHMCS for that reseller and skin it to meet their requirements
  • I can setup a bunch of plans in their system along with the email templates and all of the other general setup requirements


Where it becomes tricky is when I try to follow the custom-branding through to the backend (WebsitePanel). On the reseller-specific instance of WHMCS, I could configure their plans to go to our instance of WSP - but then all of the URL's are branded as us. That also means when the resellers' end-customer clicks in to "Log in to my control panel" they would see our branded WSP.


I know WSP has reseller capabilities out of the box so that we can differentiate based on reseller but I cannot see any way around this problem without deploying a brand new WSP along with separate nodes for all of the provisioning servers behind WSP. If I used our servers there's a chance that duplicate names will conflict in AD and/or Exchange with two or more WSP's talking to it.


I apologize in advance if this has been covered elsewhere. If it has, I would be love if someone could point me to the approach. If not, and someone has any ideas I am open to anything here.


Thanks in advance,


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