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Integration problem


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Hi guys


I am new to this forum, WHMCS as well as to tpl. type files .


I am having issue with trying to integrate my template with WHMCS via tpl.


I have done some of the integrations by modifying header.tpl, footer.tpl and also few other tpl. All the pages looked fine with the integrations, however, as soon as i login as a user, all the template became very messy and all over the place.


Could someone please let me know why is this the case???


I believe editing the header.tpl and footer.tpl is only one part of the overall integration. Given i am right, does this mean i will have to edit all the template files??


Could someone please give me some tips or tutorials on how to tackle this??


Many thanks in advance



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Well, what you'll want to edit depends on how much you want to customise the stock theme. You can make a pretty unique-looking site just editing the header, footer, and stylesheet, however.


Someone responding to my query, yay!!!!


Thanks Peter, I am not looking for a major reform on the stock theme,


basically what i am trying to do is simple integration:


i basically removed the stock header, footer and then added new header, footer and side panels and also new styles(e.g css)of my website design to the stock theme(default).


It worked, looked great, but the layout and formatting start to play funny once i logged in as a client. I think this is because i didn't make changes to the clientarea.tpl file(and the system was trying to add the new header, footer,and side panels to the unedited clientarea.tpl file and tries to apply these new items under the stocked format(e.g class, layout, size of the text box ect).


So my question is, because my website has a completely different styles/css



i would be looking at changing every tpl files, in other word, creating a new tpl template to cater for the css format difference between my requirements and the stock template possesses.


Incidentally, are there any tutorial on tpl, i had found nothing on this and i found tpl is less intuitive than css but i am getting my head around that gradually.


Please let me know.


thanks in advance.

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