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Moving /admin/ to another vhost - possible?

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In an effort to increase security of my WHMCS install with the recent hack, I had the idea of putting the admin area in a seperate virtual host listening on another port (but on the same server).


I don't want to trash my live install trying this and I don't have a second license for a testing type environment so I thought I'd ask: is this possible? And if it is, what steps do I have to take to implement this?

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Just to clarify I'm thinking of something like:


  ServerName www.example.com
  DocumentRoot /var/www/whmcs-public/

  ServerName admin.example.com
  DocumentRoot /var/www/whmcs-admin/

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There's basically two implementation questions for me and whether the license will see that as one contiguous install is one of them. The other would be how to change the link to admin area if at all possible.



It isnt possible, well technically it is but you would be wasting your time doing it, your would need to ensure that all of the files were linking relative to the whmcs installation, by this i mean that every included file would need to be using the installations loacation of files.


If you are hell bent on doing something like this, move the entire installation to the new vhost. then create your website to use the whmcs api, it is documented on usage of the api.


In this manner your clients will see your website only, and the management system on your website will be entirely your own but will link into whmcs to make the changes required.


Your clients need never know you use whmcs at all if this is more to your liking and the admin situation will be solved as you will just link to the vhost.



This will require a license reissue but you will still need only one license.


Otherwise you will need two licenses. 1 for the initial installation which you will just rip out the admin folder and not have it., and one for the second instalation which will have your admin area and a htaccess lock out on any directory but your admin directory. they can both use the same database.

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