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Multiple servers. How would it work with WHMCS?


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Ok, So I have multiple servers. I set the servers up right in the Product/Services -> Servers . And I set them right in the groups. However, I have 2 servers going to be dedicated to web hosting.


For the group "web hosting" i have it set to as "Add to the least full server". My questions are simple and to even ask if this is doable.


The thing with having multiple servers is you can only point your name servers to one server... I want my name servers to be able to work with both servers. Why? Answer is simple. Because if the name servers only work with serverA and not serverB, then 50% of my clients wont be even able to use the web hosting.


I know that is doable, or else how would even the big companies like justhost, hostgator, blue host all use the same name server for all servers? (ns1.domain.tld, ns2.domain.tld etc).


On top of that, WHMCS only allows you to enter the ONE set of name servers anyways when choosing your registrar. So its not like serverA would auto get nameserversA and serverB will autoget NameserversB So thus is why i need to make my name servers work with multiple servers. (and not for back up reasons either... )


Next, is when setting up packages. When you put in package name. uhh well. both WHM have different package names... Example: Server one would have Domain1_Bronze, Domain1_Silver, Domain1_Gold while server two would have Domain2_bronze etc. Soo in WHM when setting up packages, how would you make it so it would work for both servers?


Those are my only questions... for now

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@ Sliffer21, is that not just for backup servers?


No, you would typically cluster all of your servers, and then specify the master servers. The master servers would receive copies of the zones for all the domains in the cluster.


@rke2111 if i do it this way would this mean I would not have to create the package in whm?


yes, thats correct.

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Whenever I try to create a cpanel account now (Becuase I do not neededthe package in WHM right?) i get the following error:


Module Command Error

Sorry, you must choose a package


No idea why. So i go back to products and services and just enter a name. I get this:


Order Accept Encountered Problems

Sorry, unable to use package Personal. Verify that the package exists.


So I am not sure how you would do this without creating the package in whm. Can you please explain? Because creating the cpanel account only based on what disk space and such is set in WHMCS seems to not work.

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