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cPanel Installation

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I am having a heck of a time getting WHMCS and WHM to cooperate together in regards to cPanel configuration.


I have a VPS through Hostgator with WHMCS installed.


I believe I have configured the server settings correct in WHMCS in reference to the VPS.


I have created the package with the same name in both WHMCS and WHM as instructed.


I've been trying to run a test account through WHMCS that will automatically setup the cPanel account for the user. I have the package set to "setup when the payment is approved" but when I do so it does not create the account in WHM as well as I can't login to cPanel with the instructions that are sent via email.


I have a VPS LVL 3 with 2 IP addresses.


One IP is pointing to the "host" - cre.creativ3group.com. This is labeled as the Public IP address via Hostgator.

The other IP is dedicated because of a SSL script and is pointing to creativ3group.com


The Nameservers (there are 2) are both pointing to the dedicated IP address, since that is how Hostgator set it up when they installed the SSL.


Which of these do I enter into the Server settings in WHMCS? I've tried all sorts of combinations to get this to work but have had no luck so far.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well I basically setup the server in WHMCS to point to creativ3group.com as the host with the dedicated IP associated to this url - which is the same IP that the nameservers and SSL are setup on per Hostgator configuration.


The more I look at it - I think this is the wrong setup?


I purchased the VPS through Hostgator and they set it up as the hostname of cre.creativ3group.com. When I venture into WHM and click on the basic cPanel/WHM setup and look at the option for "The IP address (only one address) that will be used for setting up shared IP virtual hosts." it is different from what I set up in WHMCS.


Can someone point me in the right direction of how this all needs to be configured or did I already do it properly?

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send me a PM, i`ll go through it with you.... Will have to be after 8pm UK time though as not at a pc until then


Sorry, I'm new to this whole system and not sure how to send a PM. Went to your profile and didn't see an option. What's the method for this?

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