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Newline wrapping in HTML e-mails

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I've noticed an issue when sending out HTML e-mails, in that sometimes very long lines will be generated which will get wrapped incorrectly, resulting in newlines being inserted in the middle of words. In an e-mail I just sent out to clients today, for instance, the line appeared to be wrapped at the 991st character. In one e-mail, this resulted in the word "these" turning into "th\n ese". In another, "extensions" became "exte\n nsions". (Both had a space after the newline, for some reason).


Is it possible that WHMCS could manually wrap HTML e-mails at a more appropriate position? For what it's worth, could the same be done with text e-mails too, at least as an option (possibly with "format=flowed" set)? According to traditional e-mail standards, lines shouldn't be more than 80 characters wide. If nothing else, at least the ability to wrap HTML e-mails (which should make no difference to the end user) so that I don't end up with br oken wor ds would be nice! :)





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Hi Owen,


Through what method was this email being sent exactly? As in WHMCS we use the PHPMailer class for email processing and it is meant to handle this line breaking automatically.



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This is using the mass mail tool, although I've also noticed it with the general mail tool for individual clients, and I think occasionally even in product welcome e-mails and so on. Basically it may potentially happen in any e-mail that WHMCS sends out. I can upload samples showing what I'm talking about if desired.

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