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FTP mishap - Restore? Please...?


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Hello Everyone


My own stupidity by having too many tabs open in Filezilla allowed me to accidentally start deleting files out of my WHMCS install. Realising too late to avoid any damage - it now no longer works.


Comparing the offline stable release files I have; showed I am missing a whole bunch of .php files located inside the root WHMCS folder - unsure if I am missing any files located further down in the folder structure.


I tried to replace the missing files on my host with the same files in the install folder - dbconnect.php and the like... however instead of restoring the website - its now informing me:


"You must install WHMCS before use"


At this point I took a backup of my SQL database.


Am I correct in saying that all my data is safe?


All I need to do is reinstall WHMCS fully and import my data and I should be ok?


Or is there a way to avoid having to reinstall everything...


I have a backup of the WHMCS folder from a few weeks back but this is currently inaccessible - should I am to upload that instead or will it as me to reinstall also?


Kind (Stupid stupid stupid) regards



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did you delete configuration.php? That file contains the CC encryption hash and will be required to decrypt any passwords or credit cards in the system. Otherwise, backup what you have, reinstall WHMCS, copy over the configuration.php file and your templates from the original install.

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Yep all your data will still be there as that's stored in the database, so deleting the files doesn't affect it. However the configuration.php does contain the encryption hash which is unique to your installation, and if you don't any longer have that, then passwords and credit card information will be irreversably lost due to the encryption and there's no ways around that.


So to get back up and running, you need to begin by creating a new installation of WHMCS in the usual way, creating a new database for it, and then once installed, simply open the configuration file in the new installation, and change the database name back to that of what you were using before. And of course if you have what the encryption hash was before, then change that back to the previous value in the config file also.



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