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$params['configoptions'] array empty on module_CreateAccount()


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I've been working on a WHMCS provisioning module which uses a number of of configoptions.


We've set the configurable options up in the Settings->Configurable Options pane, and added them to the product in Setup > Products/Services. I can post screen grabs if required. We have 10 "value" options set up for the product.


When I add my product to a Client, the configurable options appear in the Product page, and I can set some numeric values for them. However, when I hit the "Create" button, none of the values are passed through.


just so I could check I wasn't imagining things, I changed the [modulename]_createAccount() function in my module to check:


[modulename]_CreateAccount($params) {





The output is as follows:




[accountid] => 1


[configoption1] => 1.25


[customfields] => Array




[configoptions] => Array




... etc



Where have my configoptions gone???


This used to work, but since an upgrade to 5.0.3, the configoptions are gone. We've also tried installing an older version 4.5.2, but we still can't see the configoptions.


Any suggestions, please?


We've tried this in 5.0.3

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Are you sure the config options were present in the order?


Thank you. Yes. Here's a screengrab of the order with the configurable options when I go to view the order. As you can see, the values are being populated, so they must be in the DB somewhere!





You can also verify they are actually in the database.


I can't look in the database right now, but we're installing another test install this week, and I'll have more DB access.

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You can also verify they are actually in the database.


Yes. they are definitely in the database:






















"4";"1";"RAM (GB)";"4";"1";"1000";"0";"0"


"6";"1";"Storage (GB)";"4";"1";"10000";"0";"0"









"1";"1";"1";"1";"0";"2012-02-02";;;"0.00";"0.00";"Free Account";"0000-00-00";"0000-00-00";"Active";;"0RnF1WU0kvrymIhKamAMRHoQOQkqltU4OQvw1OCJ";;;"0";;;"0000-00-00";;;;;"0";"0";"0";"0";"0000-00-00 00:00:00"


Still no data arriving in my $params[] array - this is the 3rd installation I have tried now.

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I have found that if I do:



$query = 'SELECT

`tblproductconfigoptions`.`optionname` ,



`tblproductconfigoptions` ,

`tblhosting` ,


WHERE `tblhosting`.`orderid` = ' . $serviceid . '

AND `tblhosting`.`id` = `tblhostingconfigoptions`.`relid`

AND `tblhostingconfigoptions`.`configid` = `tblproductconfigoptions`.`id`';


$result = mysql_query($query);

while($result_row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){

$params['configoptions'][$result_row['optionname']] = $result_row['qty'];




... I can get my configoptions back. Interesting

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