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Importing one WHMCS DB into another


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Hi Guys,


I'm sure this has been covered before, though a search of the forum and via Google hasn't returned the results I'm looking for. Its not so much as an issue, as it is a question;


I have two WHMCS installs and I'd like to import one of those, with client all information (including any billing history, support history etc), into the other.


Seemingly if its just customer info, it doesn't appear to be too difficult, though I'm looking to bring everything over.


Any suggestions?





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I don´t get if you want to merge one to another or replace it, so here is what would do on both cases:


If you plan to merge it:


Open your database on phpmyadmin, select export and choose "data only", after it you will have the SQL´s necessary to store it on another database. The issue here is if you have matching keys on both databases, I would avoid this approach if possible.


If you plan to replace:


First, you have to upload the /install folder back.

Export your data, and clean up the destiny database, just load your exported data to the destiny database.

This will work as a new install, and you will have to open your /install folder again, to accept the terms of use, after it, remove the install folder again.


I never have any problem replacing the database.


Hope this help.



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Hi there,


Merging the two would be the end result I'm looking for as a I require all of the records from both installations. I understand the concept you've put forward to merge, though I would expect there will be matching IDs.


I was hoping this had been attempted before and at best a script was available to do this, though appears not.


thanks for your help!

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