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Doesn't work: Auto Setup "Instantly after order"


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I'm not a noob but neither an expert in WHMCS, and right now I'm building my own order form (in C#/.Net) for web hosting products, talking with WHMCS by it's API functions.


I've set up hosting product, using the WebsitePanel module, configured as "Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed" in the module settings for that product. But it does nothing at all after creating an order and the logs says nothing either.


The docs says (http://docs.whmcs.com/Products_and_Services#Module_Settings_.28aka_Provisioning.29) in the "Module Settings (aka Provisioning" section, the following:

"Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed - this will setup instantly usually used for free products".


There's no problem with the module settings, If I click "Accept Order" it will be provisioned. However, I didn't choose the option "Automatically setup the product when you manually accept a pending order", did I? :) I can also get the same result programmatically by calling the API function "Accept Order" - but then I seem to get the domain's status activated as well, even if it's not paid (?) - not sure about how that works, yet... The most important thing right now is to get the hosting package provisioned as soon as an order is placed, since the user is allowed an temporary domain during the order's domain-item registration process.


Any idea what I've missed here?


Another strange thing I can't figure out is that I set up the TLD's in "Domain Pricing" to have "Auto Registration" set to "Email", and I've configured that "registrar" to an email address I've tested elseway to confirm it's working. But when the order is created, the domain item in that order has no Registrar in the DDL (List orders -> click order id -> click Domains tab). If i've chosen the "Email" for the ".se" tld, then I assume I would get an email to that given address when the invoice of the order is paid. If I mark the invoice as paid, I just get a payment confirmation mail to the "customer" email address.


If it might be of any interest, I'm using the "Add Order" API function and I'm passing a domain name as argument and hence get two items in the order as assumed; the hosting package, and the domain (and the API argument domaintype is "register", for that part). I'm using the latest v5.03 version of WHMCS.


Please help with any idea, I've really googled and looked through all my settings over and over and can't seem to get by this problem :-/ And if it were a bug I'm sure I would find more info about that as well, when googling.



Best Regards,

Micke Persson, Sweden

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Sent this as a support ticket and got proper answers from Matt. Basically, the API functions doesn't do the same things in full as when doing it manually from within WHMCS admin section.


To solve my solution of wanting my customers to be able to order a hosting package and a domain 24/7 and get started immediately (first by a temporary domain, then on the domain they ordered when the invoice is paid or if I manually register in advance before payment), via my own order form in C#/.Net I had to do this in pseudo:


1. Add customer

2. Add order (hosting + domain)

3. Accept order

4. Direct database change in tbldomains of the domain in question, changing back the "status" from Activated to Pending, that was changed in step 3


THEN the hosting package is provisioned directly in step 3 but the domain won't trigger it's tld's auto-registrar configuration until payment arrives or when manually editing that domain and clicking "Register".


Although, I see it as a problem that domains never is allowed to be registered "in advance" even without payment. For example; my existing customers is seen as trusted by me and should have the possibility to register more domain names to be registered on the fly even if the payment arrives later on. I'm gonna post this as a future feature request.

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