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Provisioning in Direct Admin


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To Whit:

When using the WHMCS/DirectAdmin module, having server set up and provisioning user level accounts properly, we need to define a way to provision IP addresses for our customers. We could do this if we could provision a resller account, however it seems however we try to provision the resller package we cannot make it happen. We can login through WHMCS as different resellers (if manually provisoned) and create user accounts. But again we cannot provision the IPs for the individual user level accounts.


We've tried various "provision ip" settings and configurable oprions, but can't seem to be able to come up with anything that works.


Has anyone ever encountered these issues before and how did you overcome it? I cannot believe that this has not been addressed before but I cannot find an answer in either the WHMCs forums or the DirectAdmin forums.

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WHMCS instructions for the module:

For account creation to work successfully with DirectAdmin, you must have your packages setup in your DirectAdmin control panel. Here is how to setup hosting products in WHMCS to work with your DirectAdmin server.

1. Setup the Hosting Package in WHMCS as normal (Setup > Products/Services > Add New Product/Service) entering a name, description, pricing and choosing the server type "Directadmin"

2. Next, log into your Direct Admin Server. Once logged in, click Manage User Packages.

3. You will then see a list of all your available packages. If you already have the package you are setting up in WHMCS setup in DirectAdmin then you can just copy the name from the list. If not, you will need to create it. Once the package is added, remember the package name shown in the Package column.

4. Once you have this name, then go back to your WHMCS Admin Area and on the Module Settings tab of the Product Setup enter this Package Name exactly as it appears on the list in DirectAdmin above.


What they leave out is that you must set the “Product Type” to “reseller” (which is a choice of WHMCS settings for all products). So what we have done is create a DA reseller package for instance called ecommerce. By setting the Product Type to Reseller, WHMCS will now see the resller package, so long as we login with an admin account. IPs can be assigned from the module and DA will pick them up from the IP pool.

We also have a ‘basic’ account. This is just a user account that is created under a specific reseller account. Because this does not need an IP it is not created as a reseller. However, in the WHMCS product setup we must set the Product Type to “web hosting.”

This means you have to create 2 DirectAdmin logins for the server. One as an admin, to create reseller accounts, and one as a specific reseller, to create user accounts. Each login must be in different server groups to be able to apply to the different products.

Yes, this information came from WHMCS support, and yes it was a simple WHMCS configuration setting, and not a DirectAdmin issue. Thanks for the Help!

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