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custom pagetitle

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Apologies if this has already been posted . I want to use a custom pagetitle for my homepage.tpl


I know for custom pages I can use $pagetitle = $_LANG['customtitle']; at the top of the custom page index.php but how do I change the page title for the homepage etc . I don't want 'Portal Home' I want to use our own titles for SEO .


I checked this http://docs.whmcs.com/Seo but I dont think its giving me what i want.




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A bit of a hack, but you could add something like this to the very top of your header.tpl:


{if $pagetitle eq 'Portal Home'}
   {assign var='pagetitle' value='Custom Value Here'}


Completely untested, but it should work.


EDIT: Oh, you might want to change the var name here. $pagetitle is used in other places besides just the <title> section. Maybe something like this would be better.


{if $pagetitle eq 'Portal Home'}
   {assign var='realpagetitle' value='Custom Value Here'}
   {assign var='realpagetitle' value=$pagetitle}


Then modify the <title> section in header.tpl to reference $realpagetitle.


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Hi Frank


Thanks , that probably will work but that means then I will have to use that variable $realpagetitle for everything if I change it in the header.tpl ? Wont that mean that other WHMCS coded pages wont show any page title ?

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No, the point of changing the variable to something else is so it doesn't get updated on other pages. If you look at header.tpl, there are 2 places where it references pagetitle.


<title>{$companyname} - {$pagetitle}{if $kbarticle.title} - {$kbarticle.title}{/if}</title>


 <div id="content_left">
   <p class="breadcrumb">{$breadcrumbnav}</p>


For this, you really only want to update the <title> on the page, not the header that is defined in the second example. For this, we simply use $realpagetitle in the <title> element. If its on the Portal Home page, we're going to change it to something custom, if not, $realpagetitle will equal $pagetitle. $pagetitle never actually gets changed, so it wont affect the display of any other pages that may reference that variable.

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I found another way that worked for me.


You just have to add it to the language file.


I too want to change portal home so I added a custom name line in language file like so



$breadcrumbnav = '<a href="index.php">'.$_LANG['globalsystemname'].'</a>';


so i looked for globalsystemname in language file and sure enough in said this:

$_LANG['globalsystemname'] = "Portal Home";




so I added a line like so:

$_LANG['globalsystemnamehome'] = "Home";


and changed the line in the newpage.php like so:

$breadcrumbnav = '<a href="index.php">'.$_LANG['globalsystemnamehome'].'</a>';


now it says "Home" instead of "Portal Home"

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