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Order Accept Encountered Problems CURL Error: 7 - couldn't connect to host


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Hello everone,


I searched everywhere... I did all things which told in documents of WHMCS for this error.


From my Resellerclub account, Settings > API page I provided IP numbers and wait for hours. But still I encounter with same error:


Order Accept Encountered Problems

CURL Error: 7 - couldn't connect to host (IPxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxx)


I contacted with Resellerclub Support team and they finally told me to ask WHMCS... What's wrong with WHMCS and Resellerclub integration?



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Make sure you are using the servers main IP address


Since upgrading to v5 I too am having a problem with Reseller Club domains which appears to be similar.


In my case its the same error, but generated from the Reseller Club update cron.

Error for <domain>: CURL Error: 7 - couldn't connect to host (IP: 74.86.xxx.xx & )


The IP 74.86.xxx.xx is the machine WHMCS is installed on so that's not an issue.


It seems others are having similar problems so maybe this is an issue that has arisen with WHMCS & Reseller Club since v5.


Do others who use Reseller Club and who have upgraded to v5 experience this problem?





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Hi Guys, I got the answer...


It means your WHMCS DO NOT CONNECTED to RESELLERCLUB. because you put WRONG IP at reseller Club setting.

At reseller club panel,Go to SETTING-API- then scroll until you find ACCESSING THE API , then change all current IP with your server IP, and clik ALLOW API ACES. then you must wait 30 minutes till it active.

and try to register new domain now using WHMCS. It works...


Iwan Kumara

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