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HOW TO: Create Free Hosting etc





I have just signed up, and I have tried to place my question in some other forums, but your settings would not allow me to, so this was one are where I can submit my questions, so I appoligise in advanced if this is in the wrong section.



I would like to create free hosting for my members. Here is a picture of what I am trying to achieve here...



I am using 2 different scripts, one is WHMCS and another is a membership script.



The WHMCS I am using soley for Support and setting up Hosting accounts on my server for my members.



The membership is handled seperately for drip content, affiliation and forum access as well as membership fees etc...



WHMCS is for mainly for support to keep track of tickets and logs. Part of our membership is to teach people step-by-step how to create blogs, sell their products and how they can use thier blogs to be on the first page of google to make money online, all done the correct way so they recieve free traffic to thier products they are selling. As part of all this, we have WHMCS setup to help with any support and for use to send out bulk emails to our users for whatever info as a membership that is required.



Now part of their membership we will be setting up their blogs, all pre-installed with all the required tools that is needed. Which they have access to from Day 8 of training. Now in Day 2, through our video training, I require and show them exactly how to purchase a domain name (through a third party) what they need to do with their DNS etc... then I need to show them how to get their Hosting Setup. This is where WHMCS comes in...



The reason I would like my members to do this through WHMCS is so I can easily manage their hosting and keep track of who's hosting is who's...



This is how I am 'Hoping' WHMCS will work for my situation...


1. I provide a direct link for them to place their 'order'

2. They click on the link which takes them straight to their support site (WHMCS - where they have already registered, due to the day before training) they go through the order process and sign in...

3. They are not to recieve any Cpanel Information

4. Only recieve a confirmation email, explaining we will confirm their order for their hosting

5. Hosting will be free. As this is only to let us know they need their hosting setup - which should go to WHM Cpanel automatically.

6. Once we confirm they are a paid member etc.. we accept the order - their hosting account gets created - then we proceed with the setting up of their blog.



Now we dont want any member to have access to Cpanel. as the tools we provide for them pre-installed are custom developed tools to help them semi automate their blogs. So if they have access to the cpanel they can then download the tools from the server. After spending thousands for these tools, we cant allow this. The only thing they will have access to will be the WP admin Login details, once we setup their blogs.



We have made some custom configurations to the WHMCS so our members dont have access to certain links within their Client Portal of WHMCS, All they have access to is the Support side of it - no orders, no upgrades, no affilate stuff etc etc.. soley support tickets only, their profile information, they can view their tickets and our mass emails at any time.



I have setup the hosting packages in cpanel. Gone ahead and applied these to WHMCS. I ran a test, I went through the process of the order. It went through in its 'Pending' state. I then tried to make this Pending to Active. But it will not allow me to make the change? It stays Pending. Plus it did not go through to my cpanel WHM?



Will WHMCS allow me to give the hosting for free, and then do the setup through the WHM Cpanel. But No emails are to sent through with cpanel information?



Sorry for the long message, I just wanted to be clear on what I am trying to achieve here, so I can recieved the correct help in return!



Let me know if you need the support site link for any testing if you can help, or perhaps you know the answers already... Maybe I just missing something in my setup....



Thank you so much in advanced and I hope this all makes sense.

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