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Update domain expiration dates for non-supported registrars?


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I would like to be able to maintain a list of all domains hosted on my servers, including ones that are registered with other registrars. I can do this by adding them to the Domains tab and listing the registrar as None. What I need to do is find a way to have the Expiration Dates updated like my primary registrar, eNom, so that I can export reports and notify clients when their domains may be expiring. Is there any way to configure WHMCS to accomplish something like this? Maybe use a different registrar name so I can run a their cron job but leave "Do Not Renew" checked?


Any other way to automate or monitor expiring domains?


Thanks gang,



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You should still be receiving expiration notices with None set as the registrar

The copy is sent to the customer and I use these for reference


When the Domain Name is renewed it then sits in the To-Do-List

Once renewed the registrar update the item and this updates the expiry date


I don't use any registrars, all set to None, and this is the method I use

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How would you know when the domain name is renewed if the expiration dates are not updated? I will not be renewing the domain for them or know when they do renew it themselves. To clarify, these are clients who maintain their own registrar accounts but, as a courtesy, I want to remind them if their domain is close to expiration. Right now I have the "Do Not Renew" option on and the billing set to Free; my thinking is that they won't affect invoicing and that I could just have the expiration dates update through some kind of sync script? I would love if they and I were notified 30 days before but updating the Domain expiration dates seem to be the problem.



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I have the "Do Not Renew" option on and the billing set to Free

There will be no renewal notices sent when you have set this option

Remove this option and the notices will be sent

The renewal dates will then be set when you apply the Domain Name


You may want to amend the notice sent to customers that the email is for information purposes only, LogIn to your account to verify if renewal is due with us

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