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Displaying Specific Custom Fields.


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Can anyone tell me how to display a specific custom field and not the whole custom field list?

Lets say I just want to display Custom field 10 on one specific page.




Original Custom field code to display all custom fields on order:


{foreach key=num item=customfield from=$customfields}


<tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$customfield.name}:</td><td class="fieldarea">{$customfield.input} {$customfield.description}</td></tr>

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I also need to know how to call a field to display.


Say field "83" which is country location pulldown on the product field list.


How do I display that field 83 key only without displaying my whole custom field list for that product?



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Basically what I am trying to do is let the user select which country product is from,


I have jquery show a different div box if USA or Canada is selected.


See Canada has a Zip Code, and the US has a postal code. Obviously if the user selects Canada the US custom fields disappear.


I have custom fields for both U.S postal code and Canada zip code, but the custom field list has no way of not displaying fields that don't apply.


The current custom fields display every field for that product.


I have edited the orderform PHP to display HTML fields rather than the whole dynamic product field list.

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Yes I have accomplished this, but fortunately my issue now is that code is display on on all of the products.


Is there a way to display a different customized field set on each product order form?


See my site sells website for real estate and rentals, and the default custom field output is not customizable enough.


Why not just change the label of the field based on their selection? This is fairly easy to do with jquery.
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Again thanks for all the help guys.


Any coders want to tell me how a customization would cost.



Features required:


User uploaded images from within product order page.

User can add a description to each image.


When logged in user can modify image from control panel (delete, reorder images, modify captions, reupload image, add new.)


These modifications will display within the default domain custom field display when user is logged in.


any image modifications would alert a selected support team.

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Hi guys one more questions.



I am currently using this, which works:


<tr><td class="fieldlabel">{$customfields[10].name}:</td><td class="fieldarea">{$customfields[10].input} {$customfields[10].description}</td></tr>


Obviously that code will display regardless of which product order form they are on. Does anyone know how to apply this to display only when shown on product one, while also having another custom code show when user is on a different product order page?

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