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Extra variables in action hook


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You can use SQL queries and/or the API to pull the data you need. For example, if you want to get the clients first name, last name, and email address, you would use something like this.


function do_something_cool($vars) {

   $invoiceid = $vars['invoiceid'];
   $_query = "SELECT c.firstname, c.lastname, c.email FROM tblclients c, tblinvoices i WHERE i.userid = c.id AND i.id='$invoiceid'";
   $data = full_query($_query);
   $result = mysql_fetch_array($data);

   $firstname = $result[0];
   $lastname = $result[1];
   $email = $result[2];

add_hook("InvoiceCreated", 1, "do_something_cool");

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Thank you. The API didn't work for me but the SQL did. But now I'm facing another problem. I can't include an api class. I get a blank page.


Some code examples of what you're doing would be helpful. You have to be careful with actionhooks. If theres an error in them some things in WHMCS will not function properly.

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 $sms = new mollie();


In the activity log I get only test1. Not test2. Same problem if I use require() and put logActivity() in front of it. So my conclusion is that the action hook does work, but there goes something wrong with the include/require.


If I use require().. the problem starts there. If I use include() the problem start when I want to use the class. :roll:So it has to be the class. I put the class in the includes directory.

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