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WorldPay Invisible in WHMCS - 3DSecure problems


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We started with WHMCS a month ago, using WorldPay Invisible XML to process credit card payments.


All the non-3DSecure payments are processed fine. However, ALL the 3-D Secure payments are declined, always with 1 out of these 2 errors in the gateway log:


1)<error code="2"><![CDATA[Attribute value "" of type NMTOKEN must be a name token.]]></error>

2)<error code="7"><![CDATA[internal error! Could not find bean(s) in session cache.]]></error>


None of declined 3-D Secure transactions show up in our WorldPay admin. WorldPay says that:


1) Error Code 2 indicates that the XML being sent is invalid according to either the rules of XML or the Document Type Definition (DTD) at: http://dtd.worldpay.com/v1/ it is important to ensure that the XML is well formed before submitting it to Global Gateway. The most common reason for the error message "Attribute value "" of type NMTOKEN must be a name token" is usually because there is an empty element for example, no reference to a shopperIPAddress written as:

<session shopperIPAddress="" id="207162387" />.


2) "Internal error! Could not find bean(s) in session cache" is generated because we can't match up the first and second XML request for a 3D secure transaction, to ensure that they go to the same server. This is achieved by extracting a session cookie from the HTTP header of the first XML response from WorldPay (which contains the issuerURL) and then inserting this value into the HTTP header of the second XML request that your system sends to WorldPay.


We've triple-checked our settings in both WP Admin and WHMCS Gateway, and everything appears to be set up properly. We've even made a separate clean installation of WHMCS, with default settings and so customization whatsoever, places a live 3-D Secure order with our own Credit Card and it was declined due to <error code="7"><![CDATA[internal error! Could not find bean(s) in session cache.]]></error>.


We ran out of ideas as to what might be causing the problems, and support we are getting for this issue is slow and not helpful.


Is there anybody here who's using WHMCS with WP Invisible XML and getting successful 3-D Secure orders? Does anyone have an idea why it's not working or what else could we do to get to the bottom of the issue? Any ideas would be very helpful.

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