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MachPanel API for WHMCS ?


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Dear WHMCS Users,


We receive many requests out of the WHMCS user community about MachPanel to manage and provision Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010 SP1 (Pricing is SPLA based) in combination with WHMCS billing.


Many of you use WebsitePanel (formerly DNP) and would like to switch to MachPanel ASAP. Problem statement is Hosting Service Providers do not wish to use two billing systems, avoid migration (cost) of billing data and cross platform billing with open source software.


Having the ability to manage and provision Windows Hosted applications like Hosted Exchange and continue to use WHMCS for billing seems to be a must. At this moment MachPanel does not offer integration or an API for WHMCS but we are looking into the option to add our experience and devotion to the industry for the WHMCS community. We would like to get a better understanding if the demand is large enough to justify the effort?


Who of you are interested in this solution? We appreciate your feedback.


With regards,


Dietger Koopmans, Managing Director

MachSol Europe | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Office +31 (0)88 6224765 | http://www.machsol.com

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I have been looking for a new control panel to manage my private cloud including Exchange 2010 SP1 with WHMCS. Last week I read that Microsoft is changing everything from hosting mode to on-premises and this will be the best time for me to make the switch. I used Parallels until last year (no support and average case took 3 months to get answer) and switched to WebsitePanel what does not work for my customers. In the meantime tested Ensim, MachPanel, ExtendASP and Hosting Controller. Most cp’s lack good up to date features and free support. Hosting Controller was the worse one and only policy they have is (try) to take your money and run. In the past I have tested MachPanel very extensively and really liked it but my problem was the cost and billing API for WHMCS. Migrating to your billing system will cost me a small fortune and too much time. How long before you release this API? I’m ready to make the switch. Do you offer any special deal for WHMCS users? Do you offer SPLA pricing?

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Hello Vince,

Thanks for your post on this topic.

How long before you release this API?

We are looking into the option to make the API for WHMCS. If the demand is large enough to justify the effort we will definitely have it ready on short term.


Do you offer any special deal for WHMCS users?

Yes we have a special deal for WHMCS users


Do you offer SPLA pricing?

Yes, we have for MachPanel a pure SPLA pricingstructure: pay-as-you-grow. In the past we had license pricing. The SPLA gives us the opportunity to do what we do the best: helping our clients to grow their business by providing up-to-date products and clientoriented services. By growing the business of our clients, we get paid for our efforts.

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