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Module Command Error - A valid IP was not provided


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I'm trying to set up WHMCS to work with DirectAdmin on my VPS. For the moment, I set WHMCS to not provision the server (create the account, etc.) until I approve the test orders. If I go to the customer's orders page for a hosting product and click the "Create" button, it always comes back with message: "Module Command Error - A valid IP was not provided."


I've tried entering the server's IP on the order page in the Dedicated IP box...and leaving it empty. I've tried each of the 4 options on the Product/Services -> Edit Product -> Module Settings for DirectAdmin where the dropdown Reseller IP lists "<blank>, shared, sharedreseller, assign"" as the options. On the same page, I've tried ticking and unticking the Dedicated IP box ("Tick to Auto-Assigne Dedicated IP."


On the Admin Summary page, the Recent Activity sections shows: "Module Create Failed - Service ID: 2 - Error: A valid IP was not provided."


On the Servers Settings page, I made a name for my VPS, entered my domain as the Hostname and my primary IP as the IP Address. In the next box, "Assigned IP Addresses", I have just my primary IP, same as above. I entered correct data for the pimary and secondary nameservers and IPs. In the Server Details section, I selected DirectAdmin from the dropdown list, entered my admin username and password (of DirectAdmin, not my root username and password of the VPS). No access hash since that appears to be for cPanel nor is the SSL box ticked.


Needless to say, the customer account never gets created on the server/DirectAdmin and of course it doesn't get provisioned.


WHMCS Version: 4.5.2


I will appreciated any help offered. WHMCS seems like it will be terrific once I can get it to set up the accounts and provision them on the server.

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