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500 Internal Server Error


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So I have a shared hosting Windows plan with HostGator. I have been trying to install WHMCS on it. I was able to successfully able to get it installed without any problems on my own servers before I started with HostGator. First off, I called them before I signed up for the plan and they said that the ioncube loaders are installed by default on their shared hosting windows plans. The server my hosting got setup on did not have them installed. I had tried installing WHMCS for a few hours and I could not get it to install because of that. After I pointed it out to them, they installed them but then said that they had already been installed and the errors were because I uploaded the files incorrectly (even though I followed their video tutorial). After they installed the loaders, I was not getting the 500 error anymore during the install. However, it could not connect to my database. Apparently, it was not able to accurately check the permissions of the 3 folders and 1 file. It had told me that all permissions were correct, but the IIS user did not have Full Control of them. After I changed the permissions, it was able to install.


I can get to the admin area and configure all of the settings in there, but when I go to the client area, all I get is 500 Internal Server Error. I did submit a ticket with WHMCS support and they asked for my log file and said that it might be a problem with my .htaccess file but they have not gotten back to me for over 14 hours. I do not have any .htaccess files and the only web.config is in my domain's root, (WHMCS is installed in a subdirectory).


The only thing in my logs is this, sc-status: 500 sc-substatus: 0 sc-win32-status: 3221225477.


HostGator support has come back numerous times and keeps finding anything they can that might be going wrong (besides anything with the server). I have to prove to them at each step that what they are saying is not the problem, before they make up their next excuse.


I know that I should just host it myself, but I only have two servers and if one of them goes down, I still want my customers to be able to access WHMCS to see that their service is down and to be able to submit tickets if needed.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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After WHMCS Support did not reply after 18 hours, and HostGator was blaming the WHMCS code, I moved my files over to a shared hosting plan at GoDaddy. My site worked right away. So it was a server problem at HostGator but they have no idea what it is or how to fix it.

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Sorry I wasn't clear earlier. I'm not implying WHMCS is a problem on a windows box. Trying to say that a windows box (in my opinion) is at home with asp, vbs etc etc but not so much with php. Security on a windows box is more intricate (again my opinion).

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As a windows box provider we too have been having issues with whmcs but I'm sure the issues are on the server side. Windows and php seem to be still getting to know eachother haha.
I don't think they will ever be good friends. Micro$oft will make sure of that. ;)
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