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c5WHMCS 1.0 The new way to integrate custom design with WHMCS

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We are happy to announce the release of c5WHMCS version 1.0


c5WHMCS offers professional integration for customizing WHMCS using Concrete5 content management system. c5WHMCS wraps Concrete5 around WHMCS.


If you have not heard of Concrete5 yet, you need to check it out. Concrete5 is by far the most advanced and user friendly content management system available today.


c5WHMCS integrates WHMCS into Concrete5 providing a seamless and consistent user experience to your customers.


c5WHMC's single login sharing feature, which comes included, allows your customers to login once on your site to comment on blog postings, forums, share information with peers, order hosting plans, pay their bills, etc.


There is no need to import your existing WHMCS user database into Concrete5. The next time a client logs in their account, a new user will be added to Concrete5 and synced with their info automatically. A username for concrete5 is also generated automatically which is used for forum posts, blogs or any other user function on Concrete5. Users then have the option to change their user name from their client details area if desired.


There are many benefits that Concrete5 can add to your website including Custom 404 pages, SEO friendly URLS and hundreds of addons available on the Concrete5 marketplace. SEO URLS work for both Concrete5 and WHMCS.


With c5WHMCS there is no need to customize a template for WHMCS. Simply use the WHMCS portal template that we provide and your custom Concrete5 theme will take care of the rest including styling for WHMCS pages.


When a WHMCS template update is released from WHMCS, updating is simple. The same day WHMCS releases a new portal template version we will release a new portal template that you can download and overwrite your existing version with. Simple and easy. The WHMCS portal template that we provide, is just a slightly modified version of the default portal template. Slight modifications are done to the header and footer. This makes updating WHMCS very easy.


All customizing is done to your concrete5 theme and CSS leaving WHMCS and Concrete5 both safe to update without any worries of breaking functionality. This helps insure you stay up to date the day an update is released.


With c5WHMCS you can use any concrete5 theme available or have us make a custom theme for you. We offer PSD and HTML conversion to Concrete5 as well as sell custom themes of our own. Stay tuned for more themes to be added to our site frequently.


c5WHMCS comes with 5 custom blocks for Concrete5 that give you instant WHMCS functionality on Concrete5 Pages


* WHMCS Domain Search Block. (Place a domain search on any page on your site)

* WHMCS Login / User Link Block. (Place a custom login form on any page of your site)

* WHMCS Cart Items block. (Place a cart items link on any page of your site)

* WHMCS News Feed Block. (Place a WHMCS news feed on any page of your site)

* c5WHMCS Redirect Block. (Redirect users when they login to any page you like)


Custom templates can be made for each one of these blocks to match the design of your theme.


Support for c5WHMCS will be offered at hostco.com


Concrete5 makes maintaining your easy. Add content where you want when you want. Unlock the potential of your WHMCS based website today with c5WHMCS.



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