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Products Not Being Issued to Invoices Randomly - Paypal Prorate Related


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I have been waiting for 5 days to get this resolved with support but I'm getting nowhere. So here I am trying to get help here.


Only in the last month did we start accepting Paypal payments. Given it is so heavily supported by WHMCS we thought it would be seamless. Thus far it has just been a nightmare.


Our billing is on the same day each month, so we use prorated billing for all new signups and orders.


New clients this past month who used paypal experienced the following:


A) The prorated amount they were charged in paypal for some reason was always different from the amount due, and resulted in random credits to their account.

B) Random products that were subscribed to were not billed the following month (THIS IS VERY BAD)

C) Subscriptions created in paypal were not set to the prorated date, but instead a month from the day they ordered.


In one cursor response from support I was told that I needed to uncheck the modify paypal subscription option and delete all my current subscriptions. Does everyone else have to do this for every new customer that signs on with paypal?


For the major issue, WHMCS is randomly not charging for various products. This has happened with every client who uses Paypal. All our CC clients don't have this issue. This months invoice did not include some of their products that were ordered. From what I have gathered in my own investigation, it appears that WHMCS is only issuing an invoice for the 1st product they ordered, then ignoring any additional products ordered after it.


From our own manual audit, we discovered hundreds of dollars in billable products that were never even invoiced by WHMCS to the customer. Only the 1st product they ordered appeared to get invoiced, the rest just didn't seem to bother.


This appears to be a systemic issue with WHMCS not billing the additional products when using paypal.


Has anybody ever experienced this when they used paypal with WHMCS and if so, what can be done to resolve it?


We already have contacted all our new customers who signed on with paypal and deleted their subscriptions. It certainly isn't helping with our customer retention/trust when our billing system (WHMCS) can't seem to invoice correctly on the 1st invoice they receive. I hope someone out there has experienced something like this and has a resolution.



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