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Invoice rounding problem


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The rounding is not working 100% right in my opinion.


System is set to show no decimals, yet orders can still be made with 2 decimals, ie prorata orders.



Added two lines to one invoice with 100.49 for each row.


On the invoice each line is displayed as the rounded number, 100.


Subtotal shows 201, should be 200.


Total due shows 251, should be 250.




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I'd say it was working correctly. Most likely it is using the fractions for each line plus the total. So, while the invoice shows:


$100 rounded from 100.49

$100 rounded from 100.49


Total would be:


$201 rounded from $200.98 (100.49 X 2)


which would be the correct way of doing it.

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I disagree about the calculation method. I talked to my CPA about it and she said the standard procedure is to round the total as it will even out in the end taking into consideration all the invoices. If that isn't the result that is being looked for, then items should be invoiced individually.

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I agree with that, but only if fractions are showed in the invoice and the client area. Now the customer do not understand that there is fractions involved.


Ask your CPA if it's ok to have 100+100=201 on your invoice. If she say it's fine, I would shop for a new one. =)

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So your wife/CPA tell you that it's ok to enter the lines as 100+100 (not showing the 0.49 fractions anywhere on the invoice) and show the total 201 ?


If that's the case let's just agree to disagree. To me this is so obvious I wont even try to convince you any more.

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