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Problems with Getting javascript to work correctly in header.tpl

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I have almost successfully integrated whmcs into my wordpress website but the top menu on my website is not displaying correctly on the whmcs side.


The problem is within my header.tpl file from whmcs, getting the .tpl file to display javascript correctly.. I understand that javascript needs to be wrapped in {literal} tags in order for smarty template to accept it.. for some reason the drop down is spaced out from the services tab & the menu links are alot more cosed in compared to my wordpress websites menu


http://www.clients.sitemaintenance.co/ <--- this shows you the broken drop down over the services link



http://www.sitemaintenance.co/ <--- this is showing the correct display of the top menu. when you hover over the services tap the dropdown does work and you can move your mouse down to the other links.

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Your main website has been coded and is rendering in HTML5, while the WHCMS system is rendering your WHMCS into HTML Traditional. Also, looks like you have conflicting CSS that is causing spacing issues within parts of your site.


About the dropdown, could be related to multiple jquery files.

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