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One Login Two Sites Hooks


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Ok so here's my delima


Originally my partner and I were running one website that handeled streaming radio stations and website design. The product count in the billing became enormous the radio side has a few hundred different services. And the webhosting side only had a few products. And there was a lot of confusion.


So to make life easier we decided to purchase another license and split off radio from hosting. we have no problems recreating the hosting plans and such because there are not that many. However one of the problems we are running into is we would like our customers to be able to use the same login regardless of whether they are on the Radio Site or the Web hosting site.


One login both sites. This will allow our customers to not have to register again. If they login to one they can login to the other. Each side is on a different dedicated server.


I have been told that we can use Hooks to accomplish this. Using APi. Unfortunately I am not the Jedi master of php. I have looked at the API and Hooks documentation and I can't seem to figure out how to do this.


I know that hooks will have to be put on each site that they swap information correctly. It seems fairly easy. But I am no PHP Jedi apparently.


So I have setup the ip in the security tab on each site to allow api. And I have setup Admin and Admin roles to reflect the correct settings. The only thing missing at this point is the actual Hooks.


This is where I am right now. Confused as to what functions I should be using. What the difference is between NVP, XML, and JSON that whmcs is using in the example. Or how any of the code really works.


We don't need the products to be pulled over or invoicing just a way for users to have one login on both sites for WHMCS.


What's the best way to do this? How do you do this exactly? The documentation to me is rather vague. Is there documentation out there that runs through this step by step?


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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