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Recurring Billing Questions


Hi there,


I am just looking for a little clarity with regards to WHMCS recurring billing.


Is recurring billing 100% supported and completely automated?


For example, if I sell a hosting package for $10 per month. When the user signs up, they pay their first $10 immediately.


Then the following month, does that clients credit card automatically get charged again? Without any manual intervention? And this will keep happening until the client cancels their package?


If this is the case, can you please let me know what gateway or payment processer is required for this to be 100% seamless and 100% automated?


Many thanks

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The automated billing is completely automated, you need to make sure, however, that your clients are clicking the "subscribe" button and not the checkout button. I have disabled the actual "checkout" button on my WHMCS so that automated billing is 100% seemless.


Also I believe 2Checkout, Paypal, AlertPay, and really all others do support automated billing.


For more info I suggest you read the following:





I hope this was of some help.

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It's done and good to go!

It only does Recurring at the moment, but it supports both a setup and recurring fee.

Example: $89/month with a $49.00 one time fee.


If you sell things that are one time payment only, you still should use the standard google checkout module (this integration will come in the next release).


The module is $100 encoded or $200 for source.


If interested... email me @ ablackington@lionlink.net

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