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API: Address required for addclient?


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In WHMCS I can create clients with just their name and email address, but when using the API it seems the address is also required. I get:


You did not enter your address (line 1)


I guess I can just set the required fields to dummy values, but is this a bug in the API or is this the intended behaviour?

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I've tried setting the address to the empty string and a single space (and also after testing it seems city, state, postcode and phonenumber are also required). Neither of those worked, so I'm now just setting them to '-', which does work but is kind of ugly.


Also, the API docs imply that the welcome email will be sent automatically unless noemail=true, but that doesn't seem to be the case. (Setting noemail=false doesn't make a difference.)


Here's an excerpt from my code if you're interested (this is in Python):


class WHMCS:

   def execute(self, action, args):
       args.update({'username': self.user, 'password': self.password, 'action': action})
       params = urllib.urlencode(args)

       result = urllib.urlopen(self.url, params).read()

       out = dict()

       for field in result.split(';'):
           if len(field) > 0:
               pair = field.split('=', 1)
               if len(pair) == 2:

       if out['result'] == 'error':
           raise WHMCSAPIException(out['message'])

       return out

   def addclient(self, firstname, lastname, email, **kwargs):
       kwargs.update({'firstname': firstname, 'lastname': lastname, 'email': email})

       defaults = {'password2': random_password()}
       blank_defaults = ['address1', 'city', 'state', 'postcode', 'phonenumber']

       for (k,v) in zip(defaults.keys(), defaults.values()):
           if not k in kwargs:

       for k in blank_defaults:
           if not k in kwargs:

       return self.execute('addclient', kwargs)

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In the end I had to just have my code set all the address fields to "-" so that they wouldn't be empty. It's a little ugly, but it's the best way I could find (I tried just setting it to a space, but WHMCS seems to strip away whitespace so that didn't work).

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