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SMSTrade.de Anti-Fraud-Module

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Hi everyone,


I finally got it and finished the SMSTrade.de Module for Anti-Fraud-Check via SMS.


It sends a sms to the client if (s)he sends a new order to your WHMCS. The order will be automatically handled as "Fraud". If the client sends an answer with "ja" to that SMS, the order will be automatically set as "activated".


Here is the Readme.txt:


# SMSTrade.de Module
# Dev  2010 , (c) 2010 Wolfgang Freudenberger
# w.freudenberger@pure-host.de
# http://support.pure-host.de


1. Copy the files of the folder "whmcs" into your rootfolder
2. Check the smstrade_cfg.php
2.1 Change "$smstrade_key" to your gateway key you can receive from SMSTrade.de
2.2 Don't change $smstrade_gateway because other packages like "basic" will not be able to accept answer's.
2.3 Change "$smstrade_absender" and "$smstrade_text" until it get hand in hand with your wishes. ;-)
2.4 Change "$licensekey" to your license you gained from us

3. Log in into your smstrade.de account
3.1 Click on "Schnittstellen"
3.2 Click on "Einstellungen"
3.3 Activate on "Antwort SMS" the option "per HTTP Push" and set the domain to "http://your-whmcs.tld/smstrade_api.php?message=%message%&ref=%ref%"

4. Add a customfield named "Handy" (CORRECT UPPER/LOWERCASE!!!) as a TextBox. Following options should be activated: "required Field" and "Show on Order Form". Don't forget to save it.

Got it? Quiet easy with that denglish. 

Have fun.

Current Build: V1.00 // 20100712


It is the first release of it, and it does it's job.


Please just use the "basic" smspackages from SMSTrade.de, because it's the only package which can handle an answer. :-)


Price: 2,49€ / Month


Can be ordered in our WHMCS: Pure Host | IT Solutions

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