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A VERY serious problem - WHMCS is terminating accounts


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I have a new WHMCS account, still in the process of being set up. I have gotten as far as importing the list of domains. I have defined my products. I have defined my notices to clients.


But I have not set up billings for any of the accounts, Yesterday, I got as far as setting up some of the contact for a client whose domain name begins with an "a" and is therefore the first on the list.


When I woke up this morning I was shocked to get an email; announcing that WHMCS has terminated this account. It's gone.


WTF is going on here? How can WHMCS do that without even sending out a warning notice?


Until this is resolved, I need to shut off WHMCS. I have opened a support ticket but aside from the fact that i have gotten a bounce-back with a support ticket #, my WHMCS account mistakenly shows that I am on trial license. That's not true. I have a Leased # and the week-old receipt of payment for it.


This is not a good beginning and I hope I can get some help here before WHMCS destroys my hosting business. I would greatly appreciate anyone stepping up with some help.


I've posted another thread also @ http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=30611

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You must have something miss-configured somewhere. Whmcs does not just terminate accounts.


As it was terminated I assume you mean the hosting was terminated, not the domain name?


What was the next due date for the client?


Under General Configuration>Invoices how many days after due date is the service to be suspended? Also how many days after due date is it set to be terminated?


If you are just setting the system up ready to go live, I would suggest not setting up the daily cron job yet, until you have everything setup and tested.


What I did was set it all up, then downloaded a backup of the database, then tested everything with some "dummy" accounts, if I found something that did not work correctly, I would restore the database, make the adjustments, then test it again (after taking another database backup). Once it was working correctly, I restored the database with the latest saved one, I then added my existing clients too it.

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