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Error: User Defined Extended attribute: it_pin is required. [.it enom domains]

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Trying to register .it domains with the enom module, we get this error:


Error: User Defined Extended attribute: it_pin is required.



eNom defines this as:


Tax ID. If the requester is an Italian natural person it contains his/her Codice Fiscale. For foreigners it can contain a document number. For associations without VAT number and tax code must be equal to "n.a.". In all the other cases must be equal to VAT number (in the 11 numbers format if Nationality=IT) or the numeric Codice Fiscale.*



In additionaldomainfields.php, we have the following:


$additionaldomainfields[".it"][] = array(

"Name" => "Tax ID",

"Type" => "text",

"Size" => "20",

"Default" => "n.a.",

"Required" => true,




What is missing to pass this correctly with new .it domain registrations? (The field shows up in WHMCS domain profile, but it still reports the it_pin error.)

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We were having this issue, I just opened a support request and was informed of this:

Additional domain fields collect required data to register specific domain names, however, at present, those .scot fields are not leveraged by the eNom module. I can confirm we have case CORE-8262 open with our development team to see that support added to the eNom module.
In the meantime, you would need to register the domain directly with eNom, then mark is as active inside WHMCS.

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