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A bright PHP Coder / some help for a noob-developer-wanabee


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Hi guys,


I have a fully functional WHMCS setup intergrated with cPanel and everything's working brilliantly! Job well done on an awesome product and more so on fantastic documentation!


I myself am not a developer, but muck about with PHP and some photoshop.. so that makes me a wanabee ;)


With version What I have done is:


Setup WHMCS on a sub-domain with a site on the TLD handeling the 'front-end'. As far as potential customers go, they will see the domain lookup intergration code (the domain order version, not the domain-availability code, as seen below Fig. A).


I have loaded the TLDs into the list and added their pricing etc. All working fabulously! The problem is, they have to repeat the process over and over again if they want more than one domain availability look up.


I would LOVE it if, they searched for "whmcsdemodomain.com" via the front end as per normal and then once the intergration code takes them to the result, they see the senario:


whmcsdemodomain.com available order now tick box


But then below a list of other domains that are available TLDs ie something like: whmcsdemodomain.co.uk ALSO available

whmcsdemodomain.biz ALSO available

whmcsdemodomain.me ALSO available

whmcsdemodomain.mobi ALSO available etc. etc.


With an option for them to them add those to their order by simply tickboxing them too :)


I did find something in the forum that was doing something similar or the same using java, but it doesn't seem to work with version :/ I think perhaps it's for another section of the theme? see : http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=24619


<<snipped>> perhaps I should rather mail the WHMCS chaps and ask them to do one of their intergration installations?


Naturally, I am keen to try myself first :D



    I am using the latest version
    I am using the Portal Template as my default
    what else do you need??!


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What you are dealing with actually has nothing to do with the control panel software (cPanel). I use Directadmin and have something similar to what you are wanting to do. All you have to do is create a custom script that takes an array of TLDs and for each TLD do a search and store the results in an array something like array('.com' => 'av', '.net' => 'av', '.org' => 'tk'). This isn't really that hard to do. If you need some help, let me know. You like to tinker with PHP so there ya go......;)

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Oh yeah..................... once you have the array of available and taken TLDs, you then just creat a loop to display each one with the result and a checkbox next to the ones that are available. Once that is done and the client makes the choice or choices then the form submits to another script that loops through all of the checked TLDs and adds them to the order.

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Hi Gknight, thank you :)


I am going to have a look, but like I said, I *tinker* ;)


I realise it has nothing to do with the cPanel/the server that actually does the hosting - I was just trying to let you guys know that I've managed to get everything working smoothly and now want to make some functional tweaks to the front-end :)


I will more than likely call on your expertise! Do you have am IM/mail I can contact you on? Having asked that, I don't mind bashing it out here on the forum either!


I am sure that most people would like something like this as an option. If we can get it right, I'll draw up a nice How-To, to share with the WHMCS community!

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Ah dude, thank you :)


Sorry for the late reply, I've been in bed ill with flu - hate this time of the year! I got to catch up on some great soccer though!


Okay, so where do we start?


I am using the Portal Template. I have to get the front-end sorted before I cusomize the header and footer, so for now, let's get these custom domain searches going :D :D


What do you need from me gknight?

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