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Setting up subdomain hosting


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I've done searches and read everything I could find, but I guess I'm just missing something.


I have a business web hosting account with Host Gator. This is on a shared web hosting server that I have unlimited storage, bandwidth and subdomains on (as well as a bunch of other unlimited stuff).


Using WHMCS, am I able to set up a product that will automatically set up subdomains for anyone that orders the product? Under the Servers setup, I have put in the information for my webserver. Under Server Details, I selected cpanel and put in the username and password I use to log into cpanel.


When I create a new order for the service that I set up, then I click on Create, I get a message that says "Module Command Error Login Failed". I know the username/password I entered under the Server setup is correct.


Am I able to set up WHMCS to automatically create subdomain accounts on my web hosting? Is there something I might be missing? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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You need a reseller account. WHMCS connects to WHM, not CPanel. WHM allows you to create sub accounts, cpanel is for managing one account only.

Reseller accounts are generally more expensive and do not offer unlimited space or bandwidth.

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Please forgive my ignorance, but what is WHM? It's a different product from WHMCS? Is there a wiki or other informational article that explains how you use WHM to sell subdomains? If I had to get a reseller account, it would be senseless to sell subdomains, and would make more sense to sell full domains, no? So there is no way to automate WHMCS to set up subdomains on a cpanel account?

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Ok, did some research and I see what WHM is.. kinda confusing with it having a similar name. :)


To be sure I understand it, if I got a reselling account, I could use WHMCS to pretty much do everything. I wouldn't really need to log into WHM. WHMCS would interface with it to create, suspend, terminate, upgrade/downgrade, etc and WHM would set up a customer's cpanel as new packages are ordered?

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