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Product Addons/Configurable Options

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I'm running into a problem with WHMCS. We want to have a master product then customize the options between what each customer wants. Seems easy right? Well not so much. Here is the obvious things we need:


1. Add addons/options to an account

2. Perhaps override the pricing for that add/option per account level

3. Track all the pricing, if using overrides, easily


Possible Solutions


Configurable Options

Offers the ability for customers to change options of their master product/service but has no way to override a price for an option other than simply changing the *total* override price. Thus manual tracking has to be noted, tracked, verified and audited. The other problem is that if you do enter an override for a customer by changing the total price, if the customer removes that item they remove the normal $$$ amount from the total price. Not the custom price you set because there is no way to set an override per option.


Product Addons

This too seems like it would work and actually allows customers to freely add options to their accounts. They cannot downgrade it doesnt look like but they can add. It however does not provide a uniform billing cycle for the customer. If the customer orders say an extra database 3 times a month they will be charged 4 seperate times per month right? 3 for the 3 database orders on seperate days and then his master product/service. You can however override the addon per client, even per product/service.


Basically I can't seem to find a solution to our common problem. Customers order a service. Want to add more features. Perhaps it be disk space, databases, mailboxes. I don't see how we can add those options to a customers account in WHMCS in a way that's trackable and easy for the customer to purchase.



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I'll echo that the add on option doesn't quite work as needed. I also wanted to add an option for a hosting plan that is pro-rated to the 1st of each month, but it's not really possible. The add on does not pro-rate, defeating the purpose.


So I hope to see an option for pro-rating add on products in the future. Thanks.

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