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DNP communication problem with WHMCS V4.2.1


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Hey guys,


I've been running WHMCS with DotNetPanel for over a year now without problems.

However, since the guys at WHMCS kindly upgraded me to the latest version (4.2.1) WHMCS can no longer communicate with DNP at all. I have not changed any settings in WHMCS or DNP at all.

I was previously using v4.0 i think.


For example, when a new customer signs up for a package in WHMCS, the hosting package is no longer set up automatically in DNP. Also, when I try to create the package in DNP manually from WHMCS I just get a blank screen.

I've not changed any PHP/SOAP settings etc either.


Obviously, this is very worrying as I am losing business at the moment.

Has anyone else had any similar problems since upgrading to the new version?





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Well I use DNP also with WHMCS with a few of my servers I have not had any problems with the upgrade but I do remember seeing a few other users talking about this during the first week release of 4.2. But my suggestion would be to submit a ticket to WHMCS Staff and have them take a look because it sounds to me like a file corruption issue

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Thanks for the reply..

Yes, it seems that you are right. Here's a previous thread from Pod:


"whmcs v4.2.x and DotNetPanel (DNP)

this is regards to whmcs v4.2.x and DotNetPanel (DNP).

For anyone that didnt know as this was not mentioned in any release notes for whmcs but the DotNetPanel module no longer uses nusoap. You now must enabe the php soap extension that is built into PHP now."


Now i've just got to work out how to enable the php soap extension.

Thanks a lot,



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Further information...


I am trying to install the SOAP extension from within my WHM control panel but get the following message:


Installing PHP Extensions and Applications Package "SOAP"

WARNING: "pear/HTTP_Request" is deprecated in favor of "pear/HTTP_Request2"

WARNING: "pear/Net_URL" is deprecated in favor of "pear/Net_URL2"

downloading SOAP-0.12.0.tgz ...

Starting to download SOAP-0.12.0.tgz (71,233 bytes)

.................done: 71,233 bytes

downloading HTTP_Request-1.4.4.tgz ...

Starting to download HTTP_Request-1.4.4.tgz (17,109 bytes)

...done: 17,109 bytes

Could not get contents of package "/root/tmp/pear/cache/HTTP_Request-1.4.4.tgz". Invalid tgz file.

Download of "pear/HTTP_Request" succeeded, but it is not a valid package archive

Error: cannot download "pear/HTTP_Request"


Has anyone else had the same problem?

I have also tried updating pear but it says that no update is required.


Thanks again,



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