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DNP/WSP Problems


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I'm looking at using DNP\WSP in the future since Helm3 is a great product but is becoming out of date. However WHMCS doesn't want to know!


I've installed WSP, am using PHP 5.2.4 with the soap extension enabled, WHMCS 4.2.1.


WSP is running, setup with a reseller account, with its hosting space and hosting plans and I can create customers and their spaces etc from within the WSP reseller account.


I've setup the server in WHMCS, and a hosting product according to the WHMCS DNP\WSP documentation and triple checked the IDs needed.


So I create an order in WHMCS and submit it pending. WHMCS then shows me the pending screen with a populated username and password field. I tick Run Module Commands and click Accept Order. Then all I get is a blank browser window. There are no PHP errors returned (yes I've turned on error display in PHP), no errors in the php error log file on the server itself, and nothing at all related to the transaction in the WSP audit log. I've allowed the port through the firewall.


If I then reload WHMCS it thinks the module commands have been run when they have not.


I'm lost - this doesn't work.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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Fixed it.


From reading a post on the WSP forum I tried viewing the URL of the Enterprise server (http://x.x.x.x:9002/espackages.asmx?WSDL) from my PC but couldn't - got a 400 Bad request error. So I tried from the server itself and got the same error. So I then tried using in the URL and that worked.


Turns out IIS has the 127 IP address assigned to the Enterprise server website. But if you remove that IP address and specify the assigned internet IP it breaks the WSP Portal. So I added the public internet IP to the Enterprise website so it now has both the localhost IP and the internet IP and now WHMCS correctly runs the module commands and everything appears within WSP as it should.

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